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e-cigWelcome aboard the website of UK’s preferred company dealing in eletronic cigarettes or e cigs (as they are popularly called). Our history and credentials give us the status of being an established and well trusted electronic cigarette UK company specializing in e cigarettes.

An e cigarette is primarily a healthier substitute for the earlier tobacco filled cigarette, yet it tastes and feels like smoking every bit. The main advantage of an e-cig lies in the fact that though it gives the same nicotine kick as a tobacco cigarette, it does not contain any of the harmful contents found in tobacco cigarettes like, tobacco, carbon monoxide, tar and other harmful chemicals. Moreover, an e cig also gives cost savings to the tune of almost 70% compared to tobacco filled cigarettes.

Due to the many benefits that could be derived by switching to e smoking, more and more tobacco smokers in UK are opting to go for this healthier option. According to recent studies conducted by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), nearly 700,000 people in the UK were smoking these cigs in the year 2012. The study indicated that this figure was easily expected to cross a million mark by 2013 year end.

If you are a regular tobacco smoker living anywhere in UK, we would suggest that you switch to our e-cigarettes to enjoy the same feel and taste of your normal cigarette in a smokeless and safer way at home without exposing your family members to the grave dangers of passive smoking. As a matter of fact, you could actually smoke these cigs almost anywhere in UK because they don’t generate any smoke whatsoever.

For those who are willing to try smokeless cigarettes for the first time, going for our starter kit would be the best option because of the low cost involved. The other benefit of our starter kits is that users have the freedom of trying our different flavours and also testing the potency of nicotine present in all the available liquids. Our smokeless cigs come in a number of flavours and strengths, and our starter kits allow users to try all the possible combinations for finding a flavour and strength that is precisely to their liking. When buying a starter kit, users must make sure that it is accompanied by a charger and a set of rechargeable batteries. Users are also advised to go through the usage instructions supplied with the kit to familiarize themselves well before using smokeless cigarettes. For regular users, we have replacement cartridges available in a variety of flavours, e.g. tobacco, menthol, clove, honey and apple. We have a same day dispatch schedule, and a maximum 3 days delivery period to all orders placed in UK.

Kindly note that we do not supply these smokeless cigs to persons below 18 years of age as it is a legal offense in UK. Since nicotine is highly addictive, we advise users to keep the cartridges in a place that is safely out of reach of children. Seeking a medical advice would be advisable if the cartridge is chewed or swallowed under any circumstance. We would also like to state that our electronic cigs are not a way of giving up traditional tobacco smoking. Our electronic cigs are simply meant to provide an alternative to the traditional cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Suppliers UK

Looking for the best electronic cigarette UK supplier? We are an established, reputable and reliable company that supplies e-cigs and other accessories to the UK vaping market. Our passion for quality makes us focus on bringing the best electronic cigarettes and related products to the market. We also stock various e-cig accessories including atomizers, tanks, drip tips, batteries, clearomisers, cartomisers, chargers, etc.


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Variety of E Cig Products

We stock and supply e-cigarettes and premium e liquid to different parts of the country. Our products come in different colours, sizes, styles and packages to suit different consumer tastes and preferences. As our vaping customer, you have the freedom to choose between disposable and reusable cigarettes, automatic and manual cigs, and adjustable nicotine level cigarettes or those whose nicotine level is not adjustable.

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Why Consumers Like Our Products

  • Top quality brands from reputable manufacturers.
  • Affordable prices and healthier than tobacco cigarettes.
  • Free from tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals.
  • Rechargeable and reusable products.
  • Socially accepted cigarettes. The cigs can be smoked in public places without posing risks of second hand smoking.
  • Enjoy rich nicotine flavours with no ashes, smoke or smell.

There could not be a better option to smoking than electronic cigarettes. If you cannot live without your daily dose of nicotine, this is a golden chance to smoke without worrying about your health.

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